Main programme of the company is purchase and sale of Saaz hops. ZHC Ltd. exports more than 90 % of Saaz hops from its turnover. It is our goal to increase the export and total turnover of the company.  ZHC Ltd. created good conditions to reach its goals : 

  1. Our company has experienced management – export directors in Prague and technicians with knowledge of growing, protection and processing of hops in Zatec.

  2. Long term contracts with traditional suppliers – growers from Saaz, Auscha and Trschitz area and especially very close connections with two growing organisations in Rocov and Pochvalov in the famous area of Woodland.

  3. Partial payments in advance (which start even 7 months before the real purchase of hops) enables our company to help the farmers in the time of difficult economic situation.

  4. The equipment of our house in Zatec - including new laboratory – enables us to buy and check quality of hops for export and domestic market very thoroughly.

  5. In order to achieve better quality evaluation of results, closer cooperation with the farmers and also to offer suitable services for the farmers, our company established a special Division of Information Technology. This division offers to our partners following services: consultancy, system analysis, lectures, installation of computer network etc.


  1.  To build up a reliable system of cooperation with the growers of hops which will guarantee:
    close cooperation during vegetation period, includingconsultancy as to hopprotection etc.
    permanent knowledge of the development of vegetation by meansof our laboratory equipment
    reliable evaluation of hop quality at the time of purchasesfrom the farmers
    The key target for us is to insure the best possible quality for our customers from our farmers

  2. To build up a reliable system of constant cooperation with our customers in order to meet all their
    requirements in requested time. This means : to have at disposal the latest information about the Czech hopgrowing industry :

    • cultivated area in ha, yield and quality (alpha level)

    •  information about the research and growing of virus free hops

    • provide regular information during vegetation period

    • provide regular service in time of evaluation of hops, sampling, packing etc.

    •  information re the Czech Hop Industry future intentions - plans

  3.  We realize that future of our company is in:

    • increasing the volume of our Saaz hops sales to our customers abroad guaranteeing at the same time their absolute satisfaction.

    • keeping the reliable relation with the farmers esp. in the field of negotiating the fair purchase prices

    • effective use of our own financial means to finance both hop growing and hop trade


Mr. Zdenek Sokol Director, Holder of Procuration
Mr. Jan Solc Deputy Director, Holder of Procuration
Mr. Petr Hynek Purchasing & Quality Manager
Mrs.Ilona Horavova Office Manager
Mr. Michal Cerny Technician, Sales Assistant
Ms. Katerina Fejfarova Purchasing Assistant
Mr. Jaroslav Blazek IT Manager